Rosalba Neri was born on June 19th in Forlì, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.
During her school years, people would often suggest that she get
involved with acting because of her natural beauty. She gradually
decided to pursue it, and studied at the Centro Sperimentale di
Cinematografia film school (sometimes referred to by the initials
C.S.C. in film credits).
Her versatile career spanned four decades and found her working
in many genres including Comedy, Peplums (commonly referred to
as Sword & Sandal films in the United States), Spy films, Westerns,
and Horror. Among her long list of credits are many films that are con-
sidered classics in their genre, such as Euro Western Johnny Yuma,
Giallo Amuck (Alla ricerca del piacere), and Mel Wells' much loved 
Horror staple Lady Frankenstein (where she is credited as Sara Bay,
an alias used in a few of her films).
Towards the end of her career, she married and eventually decided
it was time to retire from filmwork to do some traveling and take on
new challenges.
She always brought remarkable talent, charm, grace, professionalism,
and her unmatchable beauty to the roles she took on. She could play
everything from a lighthearted comedic part to the role of a beguiling
siren and was equally adept at all of them. It's easy to see why she still
has fans all over the world more than two decades after she retired
from acting!