May 24, 2009- Site goes online, welcome and thanks for visiting. This is a fan created site to honor Ms. Neri's work and provide an overview of her film career. It will be noted here when anything new is added to the site.
June 19, 2011- Happy Birthday to Signora Neri! In other news, the folks at Shout! Factory have announced that they will be releasing Lady Frankenstein as part of Roger Corman's Cult Classics 'Vampires, Mummies, & Monsters' dvd set. The release date is set for September 27, 2011.
June 19, 2012- Happy Birthday wishes to Ms. Neri. DVD release news: In January, Shout! Factory released 'The Arena' in Roger Corman's Cult Classics 'Lethal Ladies Collection 2'. It includes a commentary with 'Arena' director Steve Carver. And on March 27th, 'The Girl In Room 2A' was released on dvd by Mondo Macabro.
June 19, 2013- A 'Happy Birthday' to Ms. Neri! DVD release news: German DVD company Camera Obscura has been working on a Special Edition DVD of 'Top Sensation' (aka 'The Seducers'). The bonus features will include a new interview with Ms. Neri.